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bouncy castles and other bouncy shapes


Exciting, safe and fun bouncy items, to keep your kids amused for hours:

Great for Birthday parties, school galas, community, corporate or private events!
Mainly for children up to 12 years old, although we allow older kids on some castles.
You are able to operate these castles and shapes yourself. BC4 and Bus come with an operator included to run them.

We need a single phase power to operate the bouncy castles and shapes.
All rates on the Rates Page

The original novelty theme amuzement, and still loved:

bouncy bus - super size
BB - Bouncy Bus 11m x 4.5m x 3.5m (super size)
5 hours with operator
bouncy pumpkin
BP - Bouncy Pumpkin 5m x 5m 4.5m
day hire

The latest in novelty theme amuzement, safe and fun bouncy boats, your kids will love these:

noah's ark super size bouncer
NA - Noah's Ark
8.5m x 4m x 3.0m (super size) - day hire
pirate ship bouncer
PS - Pirate Ship
7m x 5.5m x 4m - day hire
tug boat bouncer
TB - Tug Boat 10m x 6m x 4m
4hrs with operator

We offer clean, safe and fun bouncy castles, available in the following sizes:

Dora 4.5m x 4.5m - day hire
playground castle
Playground castle 5m x 7m - day hire

bugs bunny castle

BC - Bunny 3.5m x 3m - a day

clown bouncer with shade
- 4m x 5m - day hire with or without sun/rain cover

ultimate castle
BC4 - 8m x 8m - 5 hours with operator
- the ultimate for kids parties & large events

covered clown bouncer
- 4m x 4m - day hire

bouncy house
BH - Bouncy House 7m x 4m - day hire

combo bouncer wall slide
BC Combo - 6m x 6m - five hours with operator
includes area for bouncing, climbing wall and slide
baloon castle
BC9 - Balloon 5m x 5m - per day

5x5 clown bouncer
BC10 - Clown 5m x 5m - per day

elephant combo
Spiderman Combo - 5m x 5m bouncing area plus slide
Day hire without operator

elephant bouncer slide
Elephant Combo - 5m x 5m bouncing area plus slide
- Day hire without operator

dino bouncer slide
Dino - 5m x 5m bouncing area plus slide
- Day hire without operator

new dino bouncer slide
New Dino - 5m x 5m bouncing area plus slide
- Day hire without operator

Enquire today on how to:

Hire these Bouncers separately or together with Slides and MiniJeeps, Chair O Plane or other cool stuff.

Our service and prices include set up and pick up, a travel/delivery fee may be charged depending on your location.
We will also provide man power if the venue requires our attendance.
All you need is the space and an adequate power supply.
We can even arrange alternatives for these if you haven't got them!

Here you can fill in the ENQUIRY FORM.
All rates on the Rates Page

Respond now so we can help turn your next function, birthday party, gala day, family day or whatever into a really special event.

Contact us for more information.

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